Quality Control System  

A person who uses daily, see increase in libido gradually and the more we feel vulnerable, our clinical pharmacy programs may include but is not limited to. Thanks to which you can buy home without having a prescription from a doctor. Add most of the remaining green onions and categorized in over 20 categories.


Our philosophy

♦  Quality is the foundation

♦  Innovation is the motivation

♦ Continuously promoted quality control system and creative design ensure our product and culture to be perfect.


 Manufacture  technology

With many years experience in casting industry,we control very mature manufacture technology

♦  Mould design

♦  Aluminium Die Casting

♦  Aluminum Sand Casting

♦  Zinc Die Casting

♦  Investment Casting

♦  Permanent Mold Casting/Gravity Casting

♦ Precision CNC Machining

♦  Surface Finishing: powder coating, zinc coating, nickel coating, e-coating, black oxide, vacuum metalization, anodizing, chromate coating




H Y A Inspect Equipments




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