Equipment: we have the sand casting&sand core,pouring casting machines ,mold design and pressure die casting workshop. and there are also  a lot of advanced and complete machining equipments including CNC center, CNC turning lathe, milling, drilling and tapping .etc. Machining of rough castings, or directly from round bar.we can achieve almost of our clients’ special requires.



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1                                Mold design                               Tooling making workshop                                  Tooling making

1                        Die casting machines                            Shot blasting-die casting                               Tumbling-die casting

                     CNC machining workshop                       CNC machining workshop                         CNC lathe machine

                         CNC machining ceter                        CNC machining wosk shop                                  Drilling

                         CNC clamping                                   Antomatic cutting machines                             Warehouse

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